Through our social media channels, CCSA connects directly with Chief Customer Officers, V/P’s, Directors and Managers of Customer Service.

We speak directly to those individuals seeking knowledge on the latest solutions to help them effectively implement Customer Relationship Management in their organization.

We put your brand in front of your target audience at steps 2,3 and 4 of the business purchase process.

   Advantages of our social media channels: 

  • Deliver Your Marketing Message: directly to the people who are responsible for the quality of their organization’s customer service delivery.
  • Link Your Brand: with editorial content from today’s top thought leaders, coupled with weekly delivery will build your brand awareness. Drive traffic to your website or specific URL.
  • Reach Your Target Audience: support your marketing objectives in a more cost-effective way. Generate leads or drive prospects to download your webinars, whitepapers or case studies.

    Plus, find out how we can customize a program for your specific advertising needs.

Multiple Advertising & Sponsorship Options:

Face To Face e-Newsletter

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Welcome to Face to Face, our multimedia resource newsletter for Customer Experience Professionals.

We provide a steady stream of CRM Insight, input from Top Thought Leaders, knowledge from Leadership and Talent Management experts, Jobs and Sponsored links.

Each newsletter issue allows for variety and flexibility in your advertising options and has a limited number of ad spaces, thus allowing your ad to get maximum exposure.

Our core topics:

  • CRM/CEM measurement, analytics, and software, CRM/CEM best practices and hosting.
  • Customer loyalty, loyalty services, experience management, and software and support.
  • Talent management, leadership, hiring, satisfaction surveys.
  • Branding, marketing, monitoring and enhancing the customer experience to maximize ROI.

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National Sponsorship Program


The CCSA Annual Sponsorship Program is an effective way to increase brand recognition, gain more exposure and market your products and services directly to potential customers the Customer Experience Management industry.

As a sponsor, your organization gains:

  • An exclusive presence and a unique opportunity to access senior executives and key decision-makers
  • Build brand recognition and trust
  • Achieve greater exposure and visibility within the customer experience management industry.

A unique opportunity to extend your marketing reach with senior executives, align your brand with thought leadership, and support the community around topics most associated with your marketing objectives.

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