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A key pillar of our mission is to advance our members’ careers and advance the interests of the customer service profession.  Membership provides you with the designations, education, resources and tools to help you bring real value to the customer experience.


Membership offers you:

Whether you are looking for your first job, have just been promoted to your first management position or setting your organization’s strategic customer service direction, a CCSA membership allows you to:

  •  Advance your career  and earn more by obtaining the Certified Professional in Customer Service  (CPCS) designation.

  • Enhance your network  by connecting with CS professionals and grow your contact list.

  • Broaden your knowledge  by taking advantage of our resources to bring evidence-based CS information into your workplace.

  • Build a better resume  by listing your membership on your resume.

  • Be a leader  by developing your skills as a leader for your own and your organization’s growth.

  • Remain current  by reading our newsletters and participating in sponsored webinars.

 Questions       about our membership options?    Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

Membership Categories / Fees

Professional Member: 
Professional members are individuals who currently hold their Certified Professional in Customer Service designation, and be in compliance with the re-certification / ongoing professional development requirements of CCSA in order to maintain the CPCS designation.

Associate Member:
Associate members are those individuals who are employed in a primary capacity (50% or more of the time) in a CS functional area and may be actively engaged in obtaining the CPCS designation.

General Member:
General members are those who are involved in CS in some capacity, e.g. line manager, supervisor or Academic, and who has an interest in the profession. This category of membership would be for those who do not practice CS in a primary capacity (50% or more of the time).

Member Type                                                      Annual Dues
Professional Member                                         $385.00
Associate Member                                                $295.00
General Member                                                   $275.00

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